Music was their first love since child hood.
Growing up in the rising era of EDM many were the tracks that inspire them to grow as musicians.
At the age of 14, Filippo downloads it’s first Logic Audio Platinum Edition, this is the time when his talent and passion for creating music truly emerged.
Along with Filippo his brother Max following his steps the Bangers Royale concept was born.
Right after school Filippo says: we spent hours in studio meshing up records creating mixes and producing music for other deejays…they admit It was hard..but challenging at the same time.
After getting exposure in the EDM world the first booking for Exogroove and Alterego the legendary number one clubs in Italy where the top electro house deejays gathered to play!
In 2007he sets off to London at Lime Light and Home deejaying for an entire summer for private loft parties learning the craft and making their first ‘flight hours’ under the name “Filippo Goa” and FLIP-OH. It was also in Greace @ Cavo Paradiso where they played their first track, called “Electric Sunrise”
When returning home to the mother land, they still rocked it up and spinning at Area Club in Venice
It’s in 2011 that Filippo Goa starts spinning under the name “Steve Tiger and Tig” along with his brother Max Biker using the name “Bangers Royale”.
When they are not deejaying, they are producing and 2012 starts to pay off with their first debut single “AVALON” under the name Bangers Royale on Beatport, iTunes and all the major stores.
Since 2010 they covered a bunch of Gigs at: Il Muretto-Venice (Italy), Wet Republic Pool-Las Vegas (USA), Shindy – Bassano (Italy), Blu Marlin-Ibiza (Spain) Scarlett Club-New York (NY), Tanjune, New York-(NY), Extra Extra – Padova (Italy), ShowRoom-Padova (Italy), Goa-Rome (Italy), The Hub-Florence (Italy), Gloss-Roma (Italy), Paramount-London (UK)
Respected by their colleagues and fans Bangers Royale are upcoming and talented deejay/producers committed to the best Electro House music.


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